Hard Rock Cafe Review

Okay, so color me weird, when I go on vacation I love doing new/different things. Always have, always will. One of my biggest pet peeves is going out with someone and they want constantly pick the same types of restaurants that they have at home. Now don't get me wrong - I love Cracker Barrell and when I'm road tripping, I am just as likely to stop there to grab a bite as I am any where else, but once you are in the location that you going to. Pick something new! Okay so mini rant done.

This trip out it fell on BF to pick the new joint. (And he did a couple of times this particular day :) )So he picked...

So any way - I think the decor is simply stunning. Truly an eye candy experience.

Ashley waited on us and she was simply amazing - she came to the table all happy and bubbly. Totally understanding that BF was having a massive ADD and just could not focus. After a chuckle, she got the beverage & starter orders and headed off to put them in. She was not in any way pushy or grumpy.

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