Vander Haunted Candy Walk

Okay, So I don't have kids (everyone knows this) but that doesn't mean I don't keep track of kiddy things. And when I find them I generally steal borrow a kid or teen from one of my friends or my nephew. This particular weekend Little Man was OOT, so I grabbed Star's youngest Squish (actually she came too :) )

Let's just say - this event was a big old success. The wonderful people of Vander Haunted Trail gave out over 500lbs of candy in the first 30 minutes and totally got more candy on site in less than 20 minutes. And while we were waiting in line, there were a ton of other things for the kids to do. Bouncy houses & face painting & games. And the very best part - it was totally FREE!

Squish as a Minecraft Creeper!

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