Jeff-Fa-Fa Dun-Ham!!!

OMG - I have the most amazing boyfriend EVER! He got us tickets to the show here in Fayetteville! So I got up early tonight and we headed to the Crown for an amazing night. And OMG we were practically at the stage!!! Almost dead center and only 11 rows from the stage!

I've seen a lot of really neggie reviews for this show (shows up late, not prepared, shorts the show, reading off the computer, infomercial in the middle of the show) but I must say I was AMAZED!!

The show started on time, with his opening act - duh duh DUH! Jeff Dunham! Yep, Jeff is his own opening act. And let me tell you I just adore his personal comedy. You can really tell that he uses his own life & times for his materials. There was one section that was totally about the humidifiers on stage that just had me rolling.

Then you have the picture section (and now granted this section kept getting derailed but that was because Jeff seemed to get distracted by the audience and would totally start telling some more adult jokes :) hey what can I say, we are a military town & we like our raunch!) My abso favorite 2 pictures were the ones of his parents in costume - one from the 60's dressed as Batman & Robin and one from 2013 as a Gardener & his Garden, so stinking cute!

Then on with the show - Achmed came first. (Must say this deviation caused BF to have heart palpitations because he was really looking forward to seeing Walter) Now I must say that Achmed is not my favorite puppet. But he made me laugh going on & on about how he has no ass & flesh wounds but the funniest part was discussing premature detonation. Then there was a brief blip about Achmed's new game - a spin off of minesweeper called bombsweeper. BF immediately tried to download it.

After Achmed, Jeff started into what I have seen on the blog-o-sphere as his $125 infomercial. Ya see, they have created a new figure. It looks like Jeff. And it is a working ventriloquist figure that he is now selling. Now yeah, I can see how a negative person would ignore the humor in this section and just focus on the "OMG he's trying to sell me a doll" but I found the section to be filled with humor and information. Jeff showed us everything in the package & how the triggers move Little Jeff's mouth & eyes, then he did a skit with LJ. Now granted a lot of this section was a bit more - shall I use the word - adult in nature. With Penn State jokes & what not. But it sure did tickle BF's buttons cause he was belly laughing almost the whole time. I liked the Who's on First type skit they did at the end (evidently this script is in the book that comes with the LJ kit) and now I want to name my next critter Iforget.

Next up - new figure. The Coffee Lover's Association President and yes Jeff used an actual script for this section. Hey it's all brand new material and he is still fine tuning the jokes. Did this bother me? No. Did it bother BF? No. I mean come on, any comedian has to try new material at some point in time. And when they are working on it, often times they need cue cards of some sort. My only problem with CLAP is that he reminded me way too much of Peanut, from the jitters to the voice to the screaming (though in this case it was COFFEE!!!). If you are going to create a new character, please make sure there are enough differences between the current, the old & the new. Oh and I really didn't like a couple of the jokes this guy had.

The came my abso favorite little guy!!!!

I love the fact that Peanut is always in such a good mood and tonight was not any different (even if he was in Batnut costume). The jokes were quick and fun, then Jose came out as Ruben on a stick. My favorite part of this section was when Peanut & Jose started talking about Jeff as if he wasn't even there lol. Stupid Ugly Little Jeff came out dressed as the Loser. I adore Peanut, but I am not that fond of SULF. He annoys me, so I did not enjoy this "section" as much as I could have.

Then BF got his wish. Walter came out to perform. And he was mesmorized from the opening gambit (the joke about how Jeff better be thankful Walter is grouchy) to the closing "Ask Walter" segment - Phil McCracken (say it out loud you'll get it).

Well we got our souveniors on the way in, so after the show we were able to scoot right to the Jeep and get on the road, cause I had to work my full shift. But I did want to show our goodies!

The only thing missing from this picture is BF's I Don't Give a Damn Walter T-shirt.

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