RuPaul's Big Opening

Wow - 1st episode and already there are twists, starting with introducing on half the queens at one time! Tonight, we are introduced to:

  • Adora Delano ~ "So excited I can pee!" "I'm not polished enough, I'm polish remover" BLE! Totally cute as a boy, but I'm not sold on the drag. The makeup looked streaky & OMG, the hair was a dry mess, however I loved the color, the dress looked off the rack, and while I'm not one to love a breast plate - I do think there should a suggestion of breast.

  • Ben De La Creme ~ I love my campy Queens and now I have a new one to follow. I just adored everything about her. From the dress to the makeup to the hair, perfect! (but don't wear that dress on the main stage even if you do look like Michelle)

  • Gia Gunn (Scott Ichikawa) ~ 1st reaction Fishy Bitch, 2nd reaction Fishy BITCH. Sure she's pretty, but it's a I'm better than everyone kinda pretty ala PhiPhi and that just rubs me WRONG! And WTF was up with the hula hoop bag? She even sounds bitchy.

  • Laganja Estranja  ~ EVERYTHING & I do mean EVERYTHING was werking for this Queen. Legs for days & a stunning outfit & a sickening entrance!

  • April Carrion ~ Kind of a wacky entrance outfit, dragging a parachute, but hey whatever floats your boat. Otherwise, a stunner.

  • Kelly Mantle ~ Cute in a rockabilly way, but I thought the make up was a bit to drawn for my taste (its called contour not spackle)

  • Vivacious ~ Dontcha hate it when wardrobe malfunctions causes your entance to suck! And I'm not excited by her drag, just saying.

And so we will have to wait until next week to see:

  • Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock)

  • Courtney Act (Shane Jenek) ~ OMG, total Goddess! That is all that I can say about her.

  • Miss Darienne Lake (Greg Meyer)

  • Joslyn Fox (Patrick Joslyn)

  • Magnolia Crawford (Reynolds Engelhart)

  • Milk (Dan Donigan)

  • Trinity K. Bonet (Joshua Jones)

Mini-Challenge: Jumping off a platform photo shoot & Laganja Estranja won hands down! So she got to hand out the boxed materials!

Main Challenge: Design an outfit inspired by the TV Show

Runway :
  • Adore Delano ~ "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" ~ The colors were super cute, as was the hair, but OMG, total craptastic finishing on the outfit

  • April CarriĆ³n ~ "Duck Dynasty" ~ OMG hot mess, but the judges LOVED it - WTF, it looks like a draped cafton

  • Ben De La Creme ~ "Golden Girls" ~ Holy crap - this stunning creation was put together with a freaking GLUE GUN!!! And it was amazing. It fit like a dream & the colors were perfect!!! And the hamming it up with cheesecake - perfect tribute to the GGs. And to be honest I could see Blanche wearing this dress minus the stiff collar in back.

  • Gia Gunn ~ "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ~ Hmmm, cute little dancy skatey type dress, didn't really show me the expense of a Kardashian, looked really blah!

  • Kelly Mantle ~ "Downtown Abbey" ~ I'm not sure how to describe this look other than WTF?!?!?!?!

  • Laganja Estranja ~ "Dancing with the Stars" ~ pair of panties, sparkly corset with no proportion & a clown collar - not my idea of fashion

  • Vivacious ~ "Game of Thrones" ~ the best you got is a silver sheath proportioned wrong with a crow on your wrist & what is up with that wig

Challenge Winner: Ben DeLaCreme (finally the judges got it right!) Custom jewel package by Fierce Drag Jewels
Bottom Two: Vivacious & Kelly Mantle
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: Madonna's "Express Yourself"
Eliminated: Kelly Mantle  "Love u girlz! Rock your Pxxxxxxx! XOXO Kelly Mantle P.S. Eat my Bacon!"

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