Scream Queens

Mini-Challenge: Pair up for a lip synching bikini wearing bathing beauty! The duos were:
  • Courtney & Laganja (there was a super cute bottom joke here)
  • DeLa & Darienne
  • Gia & Joslyn
  • April & Trinity
  • Bianca & Vivacious
  • and the winners were
  • Adora & Milk

Main Challenge: Screen test to scenes for a new Movie "Drag Race Me To Hell!"

The pair of winners from the Mini Challenge get to select their teams & wow how bout that, they literally picked their original groups!

80's Version ~ Even considering that I don't like 80's horror movies, this was bad. Just bad. Like beyond bad. Have I said bad yet?
  • Adora ~ Heather ~ total dumb blonde and it wasn't an act
  • Laganja ~ Yoga Instructor ~ was she in this skit, I don't remember
  • DeLa ~ Crazy Mother ~ she rocked the old lady role
  • Gia ~ Becky ~ like, uhm, she totally didn't get the 80's vibe, at all
  • April ~ Butch Real Estate Agent ~ hmm, that wasn't butch, that was dumb jock
  • Vivacious ~ Scary Head in Box ~ flat flat flat flat - ugh - horrible
60's Version ~ Well, you can clearly tell which team has acting chops - the 60's version was like an actual clip for a movie! So clean & flowy!
  • Milk ~ Crazy Mother ~ Too creepy for words
  • Bianca ~ Mrs Bates ~ LOL, oh what the hell, too funny!
  • Darienne ~ Scary Head in Box ~ she was a head in a box
  • Courtney ~ Mrs Hitchcock ~ OMG I about died laughing when she pounced Bianca
  • Joslyn ~ Betty ~ I adore the *gasp*
  • Trinity ~ Slutty Sally ~ hmmm, perhaps I just don't like her, but I was not impressed
Runway : Your Best Drag

  • Adore Delano ~ I love love love the red hair, but the dress  is kinda WTF

  • April Carrión ~ Not enjoying this look, looks like a jelly fish

  • Ben De La Creme ~ Pin Up Goddess

  • Bianca Del Rio ~ OMG, this was a truly spectacular look and that smile, that smile makes it all work work work together

  • Courtney Act ~ Stunning tribute to Australia - that shape, that face - OMG perfection

  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ Angel you are not, not even with wings

  • Gia Gunn ~ did she walk? no impression 

  • Joslyn Fox ~ Hmmm, a little gold flat, nothing really to write home about
  • Laganja Estranja ~ not liking her twisted way

  • Milk ~ Hmmm, Pinocchio?!?! Really? Hmm, so let me guess - you are a shock queen? 

  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ Pageant gown in orange and I'm totally reading this look as boy in a dress
  • Vivacious ~ ugh ~ ugh ~ ugh

  • Challenge Winner: Darienne Lake (I totally don't get this one - unless you threw the dog a bone) 5-night stay at Island House Key West Resort

    Bottom Two: April Carrión & Vivacious
    Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "Shake It Up" by Selena Gomez

    Eliminated: Vivacious "Girls you will be missed. Take the world by storm, educate the masses. Get it, rearrange it, internalize it. Turn it. - Vivacious"

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