Shade: The Rusical

I am loving Bianca's wit, TTT! She is quirky & mean, just like me!

Mini-Challenge: Female or She-Male! Take a break & check out some extremely up close & personal shots (hey one was a crotch shot) and see if the pic belongs to a biological woman or a psychological woman.
And the winners are: Ben DeLa Creme & Adore

Main Challenge

Good Penny
  • Ben DeLaCreme ~ Shady Lady ~ Yes Yes Yes! DeLa is truly amazing! She rocked the Shady Queen role
  • Courtney ~ Good Penny ~ Holy crap She can sing! I mean really sing! And has such a stage presence, totally nailed the good Penny
  • Darienne ~ Comedy Queen ~ Hehe - I enjoyed her take on the comedy queen role, but please don't sing again live
  • Gia ~ Comedy Queen ~ Yep she's fishy, like a can of left out in the heat for 5 days! She stinks!
  • Trinity ~ Pageant Queen ~ I am so over this fake twitchy queen, pack up and go home!
  • Bianca ~ Pageant Queen ~ While I totally see the beauty in her, I was amazed when she pulled off pageant queen so effortlessly

Over all thoughts, well worth watching.

Bad Penny
  • Adore ~ Bad Penny ~ hmm, not feeling this penny as well as good penny, the notes seemed a little off
  • Milk ~ Truth Queen ~ Sooooo freaking amazing! I am loving her look no matter what it is, and girl, she can sing
  • Laganja ~ Skinny Queen ~ Was not as impressed this week as prior weeks
  • Joslyn ~ Butch Queen ~ her humor with the part really sold me
  • April ~ Big Queen ~ go home, just go home

Not as strong as the Good Penny section, but still a decent watch. Hey Ru! Can this be produced as an actual show?

Runway : Tony Awards Glamore
  • Adore Delano ~ I love the dress but the hair was looking a little flat
  • April CarriĆ³n ~ Such a beautiful pageanty gown
  • Ben De La Creme ~ Gotta love a queen that immediately answers criticizime with pulling a piece off her dress
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ A tribute to Lucille Ball in a stunning gold gown.
  • Courtney Act ~ Popping in Pink
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ Holy crap - big girl wearing green! Did you not watch other episodes.
  • Gia Gunn ~ While the look is totally there, I don't like her, so the looks is a bit lost on me
  • Joslyn Fox ~ I want this hair style, so freaking glamore & that choker was like the icing on the cake and because the dress was a little on the plain side really enhanced the look
  • Laganja Estranja ~ Gorge! Just gorge! The dress is stunning, the shape amazing.
  • Milk ~ OMG - she came out pregnant! She is so freaking brave! But I did not care for the rest of the look.
  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ Pageant queen - nuff said

Challenge Winner: Courtney Act (Totally saw this one) 2 VIP packages to the Broadway musical Kinky Boots

Bottom Two: Trinity & April
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan

Eliminated: April Carrion (oh why oh why oh why wasn't Trinity eliminated)  "Love you girls, Echa' pa' lante, See you soon ♡ April"

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