A Day at the North Carolina State Zoo

Meet our Tour Guide for the Day - Little Man!

So excited about the day ahead!
We are going to the zoo!

Alligators basking in the sun

Awe - aren't they so cute, 3 cougar cubs sleeping together


This is us posing with the cougar statue
(Wendy, Lucas, Theresa, Momma)

The falcon seemed agitated today

Harbor seal swimming around

Patches the Polar Bear

This sign just tickled me!

After a quick bathroom break, we stopped
at the   

So LM could play for awhile, and while he did that
I went on ahead to my absolutely favorist
animal of all - The OTTER!!

When we first got the otter enclosure
I was extremely disappointed because there were
no otters. Then this little fella
came out carrying 2 fish in his mouth,
he jumped in the water and swam
over to the rock right in front of me, to eat his snack.

Num Num Num! Fishes are good!

Fishes are nummy - watch me eat my snack!

Going go for a swim

The water is so amazing!!!

And then the rest of the gang caught up with us,
so we had to leave the otters ****POUT****
But our safari leader (LM) was most insistent that it was time
to head on to his Daddy's next favorite animal
The Black Bear!

LM on the back of a black bear statue! 

Who goes there!

Slithery snakes

OMG - I want this plant in our yard - it's called Witch's Amber!

Bunny's favorite animal at the zoo

Just outside the wolf enclosure

Then it was time for lunch!
So we took a break at the Junction 

The NC Zoo has new exhibit:

LM on the LadyBug

Holy cow what a dragonfly!

At the end of the day - we were all ready to head home.

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