Drag My Wedding

Okay, first off, let me say I've been holding my breath for this show. Evidently, someone thought it would be funny to leak that Bianca & Courtney were in the bottom 2. And while I love both of them I was entirely freaked that Bianca might be going home.

Mini-Challenge: "Body paint a twerk of art" aka Abstract body painting. I really didn't get this challenge - it was just a little too weird. But Bianca won & so she was able to assign the brides to the ladies of drag.

Then twisty! They aren't fixing up the brides, they have to drag the grooms.

Main Challenge: Drag out the groom to be the Bride
  • Adore Delano ~ Honey Bun ~ 80's punk super fashion fell flat on it's face
  • Ben De La Creme ~ Suzette a la Mode ~ while the flowers were over done, this was a stunning dress considering Ben DeLa does not sew!!! Take that all yous excuse queens!!
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ Fifi Del Rio ~ Stunning stunning stunnin - I adored the simplicity of this dress with the floor length veil  
  • Courtney Act ~ Rien Act ~ I adored this dress from head to toe (even if it did take some major heat from the judges) The blue sheath under dress with the lace top dress was simply TDF!
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ Ann Drogyny ~ well this couple threw Darienne a major curve ball, they want a gothic style wedding and you know that did not go over well with the judges!
  • Joslyn Fox ~ Bradonna Fox ~ well I think Bianca said it best "She looked like that one girl gremlin in the movie" Everything was wrong about this makeover, from the make up to the hair to the dress - blarg!!!! And I will say, his attitude about everything just made it uglier.
Runway Realness: Mother of the Bride
  • Adore Delano ~ for once I loved Adore's runway look (well not the wig, but everything else) not so much mother of the bride, but still a perfect dress to wear to a wedding
  • Ben De La Creme ~ such a perfect look
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ can you be more gorg than Bianca was today? This was abso perfectly tasteful & a true mother of the bride look
  • Courtney Act ~ Ok, now if my momma had a body like Courtney's and even remotely tried to wear this dress at my wedding - I'd pitch a FIT!
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ I'm a big girl and like that there is still a big girl in the competition, but damn gurl, why you always gotta be wearing stuff that hikes one way or the other - fit is your friend!
  • Joslyn Fox ~ The gold dress was very showy but still mother of the bride, but I couldn't get into it. The mesh top part fucked with my head.
Challenge Winner: Bianca Del Rio ~ Trip for 2 to Hawaii

Bottom Two: Adore & Joslyn
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "Think" by Aretha Franklin

Eliminated: Joslyn Fox ~ Forever Sisters: Keep It Foxy! Love Your Guts! Joslyn

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