Book: How to (Un)cage a Girl

Francesca Lia BlockPoetry
HarperTeen / September 2008
Hard Back / 128 Pages

A celebration of girls and women in a three part poetry collection that is powerful, hopeful, authentic, and universal.
I picked this book up because I adore Francesca Lia Block (hello WitchBaby)

What I liked the Most? Her imagery is abso AMAZING

What I liked the Least? Poetry is an emotional based read for me - I either connect to it & love it or not

Review: How to (Un)cage a Girl isn't your typical book of poetry. This book is totally focused on healing the girl within, and setting her free. The poetry is organized into three parts: (1) Years at the Asylum; (2) In the Lair of the Toxic Blonde; and, (3) Love Poems for Girls.

I found How to Un(cage) a Girl to be extremely touching. I especially connected to a couple of the poems in particular: 45 Thoughts for my Daughter & Happi Happi Joy Joy and Sad in Hawaii

Recommended to: Girls, girls, girls (BF didn't get the snippets I read him at all)

Best Quote: “...choose to believe in your own myth your own glamour your own spell a young woman who does this (even if she is just pretending) has everything....”

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