Quarter Craze

I'm loving today. 
I got to spend time with my SS and support my Sissy's school by attending the Quarter Craze. 
It was a lot of fun to do something totally different and out there. 
Just the kind of event that I am always looking for. :) 
We had some laughs, won some stuff, and in general it was a wonderful girls night out.

My Momma (and part of Nurse Anna)

My Sissy (number 38) and one of her besties Jennifer (number 83)

And somehow I managed to not get a picture of SS or myself - bummer!

(Note: Quarter Craze is a cross between a raffle and an auction. You purchase a paddle with a number on it and that gets you in the door. Your paddle will have a corresponding numbered chip that will go into the drawing basket. When the auction starts, the emcee will hold up the item, give a brief description of it, tell it's retail value and how many quarters it costs to bid (ranging from .25 to $4) If you're interested in a chance to win that item, you'll put the required number of quarters in the bowl at your table and hold up your paddle. The emcee then draws numbers to find a winner. If your number is drawn, you win that item for a quarter! If you didn't bid and your number is called, you call out "no bid!" and numbers continue to be drawn to find a winner.)

After the auction/raffle SS & I went back to the magic lamp to hang for a bit, because it was storming up a monsoon & she HATES to drive in the rain. We had fun just hanging out, drinking coffee, gabbing & cackling! Until the rain stopped & she was able to drive home.

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