Queens of Talk

Mini-Challenge: "Hung Men" hangman challenge (hint all the words contain A*S*S cause the letters were printed on some scruff boy bottoms! BenDe won by scoring 2 words, but my favorite was Adore nailing Hasselhof with only 1 letter!

Main Challenge:  Talk Show Divas
  • Adore Delano ~ Space cadet realness - lit*er*al*ly (FYI, I am over the word PARTY)
  • Ben De La Creme ~ Very smart, very interesting (but she wore green)
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ Usually I adore Bianca, but this challenge she felt a little flat, never got around to even talking to Georgia.
  • Courtney Act ~ Amazing, it was just like a chat with a girlfriend & she seriously worked this challenge
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ wo-wo-wonk! Questions were kinda floppish for me. And that imitation was BAD.
  • Joslyn Fox ~ ugh from the opening gambit to the OMG abortion clinic comment
  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ learn your guest's name
Runway Realness: Walk it Animal Style!
  • Adore Delano ~ I don't like Forever 21 clothes to begin with, but piling all kinds of crap on your body & calling it drag is NOT WORKING
  • Ben De La Creme ~ oh waiter, there's a fly on the run way - oops, never mind it's BenDa! I am all kinds of in love with the fact that the pretty funny pin up got so into the challenge this week!
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ Oh my Goddess, this ensemble is simply mind blowingly beautiful.
  • Courtney Act ~ Ah-MAZING! Stunning! Gorgeous! This look was to die FOR!
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ I prefer my elephants nicer & kinder.
  • Joslyn Fox ~ Ugh ugh UGH! This outfit didn't met the theme, didn't met taste level and well let's be honest, did you forget how to tuck!!!
  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ Trinity's costumes either amaze me or bore me - tonight she was a pretty plumaged phoenix and looked so graceful on the run way
Challenge Winner: Courtney Act - wig wardrobe from OUtfiters Wig

Bottom Two: Adore & Trinity  Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "Vibeology" by Paula Abdul

Eliminated: Trinity K Bonet

(okay, here's a PO. Trinity did not deserve to go home this week (even though I feel she is the weakest queen still left in the competition)

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