List It: 10 things I want to Change

1 - my weight - I know logically and emotionally that I would feel better if I just lost weight
2 - my appearance - I'm not happy with the length or color of my hair- I've been to lazy to color it and BF wants me to grow it out - because I work from home I never really dress or put on makeup - hell I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs
3 - my job - I've been unhappy with the way things are for a very long time, I just haven't gotten around to doing anything about it
4 - the way BF proposed & the ring (long long story)
5 - the lack of organization of my lamp - I'm very tired of the clutter
6 - smoking - nuff said
7 - my sunlight allergy - I've never been one for daylight hours but this massive burn whenever I step outside can go away
8 - my need for outside validation - I know it comes from the little girl fat chick and she is still seeking a place to belong
9 - my relationships - I feel like I'm loosing everyone I card about
10 - my depression - I would totally be willing to lose the mania that allows me to get by on very little sleep & a brain that functions in super speed if it meant the lows would stop

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