Okay, so let me tell you about Rioz
If you are a carnivore - this is the restaurant for you!

You come into a beautiful establishment - totally like upscale city.
And you get seated.

On the table, there isn't an actual menu - well it looks kinda like this

And a card that has a red & green side.

Your waiter comes over and takes your drink order
then tell you to hit the salad bar.
Not the typical salad bar bar though
there are several side item type selections on this bar
And sushi!

When you sit back down - that is when the fun starts.

Flip your card to green & you get swarmed
(sometimes it feels that way :) )
with men carrying large skewers of meat.

They sit this little drip dish down and present
Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Lamb, or yummy grilled pineapple!
Using the little tongs provided, you grip the meat (cooked to perfection)
and they slice off a piece.

This goes on & on, until you flip the little card to red.

You can flip the card from red to green & back again as many times as you wish,
you can revisit the "salad bar" as many times as you wish

This was our 3rd trip here & I still have to say one of my all time favorite places to eat in Myrtle Beach.

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