RuPaul Reunited & Crowning!!!

Runway Realness: The opening number always includes all of the eliminated queens so I'm starting over from the beginning :)
Before I go into this list, let me make note of the fact that Bianca & Adore were the 2 center queens in the opening number while Courtney was just there. And this ladies & gents is how it should be!
  • Kelly Mantle ~ See now the first time I saw Kelly, I thought she was total glam and this slinky black dress & perfect red wig sealed the deal for me, I'm so sorry she was eliminated so early in the season
  • Magnolia Crawford ~ WTF was she wearing, she looked like a haggard old lady
  • Vivacious ~ OMG, stunning, my favorite look of the season from this polished club queen, the gold & red were stunning together
  • April Carrion ~ Stunning alienesque look from a beautiful sweet queen
  • Gia Gunn ~ Elegant in traditional Asian dress
  • Milk ~ Wow, she can do amazing beauty
  • Laganga ~ Hey Courtney - check it out, this is how you do BODY and I loved the little playful smoke drag at the end of the runway
  • Trinity K Bonet ~ Holy crap, she is stunning!!
  • Joclyn Fox ~ Keeping it totally Foxy in a gold gown
  • Ben DeLa Creme ~ pin up glamour perfection
  • Miss Darriene Lake ~ Stunning stunning stunning, I would love to own this gown & that hair & makeup - ahmazing!! She shows big girls what glamour is
  • Adore Delano ~ So perfectly party in her short little giraffe print party dress
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ Old Hollywood Glam to the MAX!!!!!
  • Courtney Act ~ WTF was she wearing? She couldn't even walk without picking the dress all the way up, and bitch please - let that be the only crown you get tonight

Hey - no fair - the Scruff Pit crew is wearing clothes.
And the moment we have been waiting for the legendary RuPaul herself, looking abso ahmazing in a beautiful greecian style deep prussian blue gown.
  • Kelly Mantle & Magnolia Crawford ~ I'm not buying that the disturbed Magnolia didn't watch the show, but Kelly comes off as a super sweet queen
  • Vivacious & April Carrion ~ Ornacia has evidently taken on a life of her own & Ms Clubb Kidd herself doesn't seem too upset by it, while April shows off the looks she would have worn on Twitter & quips "I wasn't meant to win season 6, I'm supposed to with All Stars season 2"
  • Gia Gunn & Milk ~ OMG she said absolutely again & Milk "you booted me in the butt"
  • Laganga & Trinity K Bonet ~ (side note: Michelle was not into Laganga's gig - not one iota) Ganga just admitted to "being medicated" OMG, 5 G's girl & Trinity is beautiful inside n out.

Drag Herstory and singalong oh my, I literally shed tears over this section, but most of them came from watching Alyssa Edwards saying back rolls :)
  • Joclyn Fox, Ben DeLa Creme & Miss Darriene Lake ~ Joslyn saying always be yourself makes me so happy she is truly a beautiful person, Bendela is such a beautiful spirit I love her so much, and Darriene, well her spirit looks a little brighter tonight because she apologized to the effervescently delightful Dela ~ oh RuPaul got in touch with Darriene's parents and they accept her - oh my, I'm crying again

Welcome back top 3 with a wardrobe change
  • Adore Delano ~ looking stunning in a black gown with red hair, she is a beautiful mermaid in her own right and lordy can that girl sing!
  • Courtney Act ~ not liking that dress or the screeching, there's more to life than hitting that top note Court, you have to sound good doing it too - will say hair & makeup are fashion forward
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ So she can't sing, she will read a bitch to filth! And that is so much more entertaining and that dress, glamorous

Fan Questions
  • What is the status of Adore & Laganja's relationship? Oh my, this question caused a lot of tears & wailing, and it seems like it has been repaired
  • Adore, do you have a crush on Bianca's boy side Roy? Hehe, this was so cute, I loved the way Bianca was twitching & sliding over, so staged, but oh so funny, and Adore's I would have tried to cop a feel but I didn't and Bianca's response was priceless
  • Gia, what was up with that eyelash girl? Gia, I have very Asianesque eyes and sometimes the lashes don't fit
  • Bianca, read me (presented by Jiggly Caliente for a fan). LOL. Bianca goes oh girl you know we are friends, but I'll try, and goes on about the teeth from season 4. Hi-Lar-ious!
  • Joslyn, Will you marry me right here, right now? OMG, Mama Ru married them!! Oh how wonderful, and such a kiss (side note: YAY, the scruff pit crew is in undies)

Miss Congeniality & Crowning
  • The stunning Ivy Winters presented BenDeLa the title of Miss Congeniality and she did it on stilts!!!
  • OMG, Jinxx is looking soooo elegant in a stunning green creation and she crowned Bianca Del Rio!!  Total and complete congratulations to a queen that truly is amazing.

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