Watching a Miracle

OMG, I got to watch a miracle today and I am so thankful that the Goddess decided to move this way.

So, anyway, here's the background of the story. My BF of the past 3 and half years (ugh, maybe I should say Fiance now, but I like boyfriend better) was married at 19 and a father before he turned 20. His son, Trevor, was born January 31, 1991. Unfortunately, his wife's (at the time) family thought he wasn't good enough for their daughter & grandson, so they drove up on February 20 and picked them up "for a family visit", and that was the last time he saw his son. Until today.

Let me back up a bit, BF has been searching for his son for many years. And just last year, he located the ex on Facebook and through her, found his son. Neither one of them would talk to him, but his daughter in law opened up and confirmed that the young man in question, her husband, was indeed BF's son. And not only that, but BF is a grandpa!

So now, back to the present, BF got to see his son for the first time in 23 years and 12 weeks, today. And while there was no big embrace, no over the top emotions, there was a solid connection made and I can only hope from here forward, they continue to develop that relationship.

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