KOA Campground in Pigeon Forge

So the family took a trip to Pigeon Forge to go to Dollywood (separate post)
And usually when this occurs, BF & I end up in our tent
(well not anymore cause the new camper sleeps all of us, but this trip was planned prior purchase)
So when the sites were booked, Daddy-O rented us
This adorable little cabin
I seriously wanted to bring this little gem home & live in her 24/7. 

This is the outside of our little darling & I want you to just take in
all the adorableness
And do not forget the most magnificent swing!

Inside has a set of bunk beds & a full bed.
And I am in love with all the "hooks" scattered all over the cabin.
Of course if we were to take the cabin home we'd only need the full size bed.

And this is the cutest little "kitchen" area.
In a cabin this size, I would definitely have my outdoor covered kitchen (which I want anyway)

As to the rest of the campground, this place is amazing & if you are going to be "roughing it"
while checking out this portion of the Great Smokey Mountains
I most certainly recommend it.

The camper spots are abso out of this world.
Full on pads, with metal picnic tables & chairs, lights, and a chimney fire pit.

My only complaint was while staying in the cabins (no plumbing not a big deal really)
you have to walk through some of the camper sites to get to the bath house.
And let me tell you, that is really no fun in the dark.

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