My Morning Routine

Oh my, I don't have anything remotely like a morning schedule :) I wake up some time between 8pm-10pm depending on what's on the menu for the night. My first stop is always the bathroom :) then I cook dinner. Yeah, I'm not a breakfast person, so I cook dinner & that's what BF & I have for breakfast, lunch & dinner (unless it's a weekend or day off). Once dinner is cooking, if BF didn't make my coffee I flip the Kuerig lid & brew up some Dark Magic.

On work nights, I generally don't even wear "real" clothes. I work from home, so I just wear my jammies or my yoga gear, no make up, and the hair is either in a bun or in a pony, so there is next to no getting ready time.

Once everything is cooked & packed, I head down to my parents house because that is where my office is. I visit with my Mom & Dad for a bit, helping my Mom with her nightly med routine & torment my Dad with coffee.

Then I play on Facebook for a little while as my work computer boots up. Then from 11:45 pm to 8:45 am I'm on calls.

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