Sycamore Lodge

So this is the official blurb about this campground.

Sycamore Lodge Resort is a luxury RV resort and private North Carolina RV campground located 70 miles south of Raleigh and 90 miles east of Charlotte close to many area attractions. Close to one of the nation's legendary and historic golf communities, this NC campground is just minutes from the famed Pinehurst Golf Courses that hosted the 2007 US Women's Open and the 1999 US Open at some of its most beautiful courses.

My parents have been since 1986 and we practically grew up camping here. I can honestly say that some of my very favorite memories came from times spent roaming the "streets" of this quiet little get away. But oh how times change, it is now a busy busy place with almost 10 times more spaces.

Here's a cute little map of the area

My only major complaint about the campground in general is that even though the campground is like completely spread out, there is only one actual bathhouse. There are some portapotties set up in other areas (but really who wants to use one of those things right). Its like they expect everyone to be in a rig and/or only need to have 1 person use the restroom at a time. However, the bathrooms are simply amazing (for campground bathrooms). Instead of a female/male split, these are arranged as individual bathrooms with toilet, sink & shower, roomy enough to actually spread out a little bit & be able to enjoy your shower without feeling like the walls are gonna cave in on you. And they are cleaned CONSTANTLY. Granted this was a busy weekend, but I know for a fact that on Saturday, they were cleaned at least 4 times, because they were cleaning other bathrooms, while we were there. 
  • When we used the bathroom to get ready for the day (around 8:30am)
  • When BF & went to change to go swimming they were cleaning the bathroom (around 2:30pm)
  • After swimming when we went back to change into regular clothes (4:30pm)
  • And again around 11:30pm when we got ready for bed.

And because of the set up, there is never a bathroom shortage for the males or the females, they can clean up individual bathrooms & leave the others available to use. IMO, this is amazing, because I can't tell you the number of times that my body has decided it must go literally 5 minutes after the bathroom as been closed for an hour while they are cleaned :)

The swimming pool was REALLY busy all weekend, but BF don't care.

Playing a quick game of cornhole before dinner

The Swashtones played on Saturday Night - I enjoyed sitting up there listening to the music, but the best

was when little man got out on the dance floor to show off his moves.
He don't care what no one says, just doing his own thing.

All in all, we had a magnificent weekend: full of family, fun & of course good food.

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