Work Station/Art Studio/Play Zone/Mole Hole

The first thing you need to understand is that when I was given the opportunity to work from home (somewhat) Daddy-O gave up part of his file room so that I could take the chance. And for that I love him dearly and the majority of the paper stuff you see scattered in the pictures has abso nothing to do with art or my job. :)

Several years ago my dad took over part of the porch and turned it into his file room (he's a CPA with an office in the home). Well we cleaned out most of the clutterish type stuff off the floors (not the shelves OMG)

This is a simple layout of my space :) There is a window, but because I work nights I never
see much sun in it lol.

This is what it looks like from the door - the shelves are mostly dad's things
(except where I carved out a bit of storage space)

This is my monthly write on calendar (BF's momma got it for me)
You can also see, my halloween journal, Dylusions spray inks, scrap bag & coffee!!!!

This computer is located on the shared wall to my dad's office, this is actually his
computer, but since it is on a different internet connection all together - I use it when I'm on break
to watch art videos.

The pink & zebra bag holds some of my most often used markers, pens & watercolor pencils
The otter guards my pencil tray - which holds my regular drawing stuff. 
You can't see it but there is a stack of ink pads just behind the erasers & a Thing 1 cup.

Embellishments, happy mail boxes & scrap book paper.

My laptop, scrap paper towels, and 6x6 papers.

This is my art space & workstation - it never really gets messy, I pull out
what I need for that particular moment and it always
gets put away right after. 

The Tinkerbell cup was a gift from my nephew & it says "mornings aren't magical!" 
and he got it for me cause I am GRUMPY when I wake up. 

In this shot you can see a lot of my desk critters & inspiration/uplifting board.

And these are my travel art bags, the top one is for more mixed media & the bottom has my travel journal & water color kit in it.

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