Darkside Haunted Estates

Okay people so look lively - well as lively as a haunted house can look. 

is one of the new ones we tried this year and OMG it was truly spectacular. 

First off - they had roaming characters at the front of the area which always makes the
experience more thrilling for me. For starters there was

One of boyfriends favorite guys - Jason.

And let me start off by saying OMG! He started the experience from the time
we pulled into the parking lot. He chased our car into the parking lot and then
tried to chase me around.

This particular picture was snapped right before he scared some poor girl in
the portapotty. She flew out the door and back to her car. Last time I saw
her it was tail lights out the parking lot. She left her friends behind.
And last I heard was refusing to come back for them.

I honestly thought this guy was a statue until I saw his hands twitching!

And that is the end of my pictures for this experience, but let me tell you about the rest of our night.

On site is a food truck - so you can get something to eat or drink while you wait.
And wait we did. (only downside to our experience really)

We waited in line for close to 3 hours to go on their newest attraction - Zombie Paintball!
But once we got in the wagon we had the time of our life!!

You are riding in a wagon pulled by a tractor (think hayride without the hay).
They stop once they get into the woods & you switch to the gunning seats
and away you go. There are various "stations" in which you shoot the zombies
(FYI the zombies are volunteers from the local JROTC)

The whole trip takes about 15-20 minutes and is truly a fun way to blow off some steam.

(This is a stock photo because I do not take photos while on the trail)

Because of the long delay at the Zombie Paintball - the staff was nice enough to keep
the haunted trail open for us.
I had an amazing time wandering the trail with the BF and interacting with the
actors all over the place. And I was truly astounded when I found out
that almost all of the actors are kids. 

For a kid powered house - this is truly AMAZING!!!! 
Much better than last night's debacle of a haunt.

Cost per person: $16 + depending on what packages you get/we did the combo for $30
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 ghosts (would have been 4.5 but the wait time for the hayride was horrendous)

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