OMG! Look how pretty!

So any ways - 2014 was a very hectic year for me & I finally figured out why. After years of working "OUT" in the work places and maintaining a bulging planner, this year was the first totally work from home year. Since I wasn't out of the house I didn't get a planner last year and that has lead me to forget all kinds of stuff. I tried using my smartphone and various apps but was simply not as effective as I have been in years past. I've used all kinds of planners (including ones that I printed off myself), but this year I decided to try something new, soooooo.........I ordered an Erin Condren LifePlanner.

I just got this in the mailbox & I am in love

These are all the extra goodies that came with my package

and this is my beautiful new planner for 2015!

I plan on having some layout posts in 2015 so stay tuned.

If you want to order one, you can get a $10 off coupon by using my referral link, you just sign up and about 10 minutes later you get a coupon code in the mail.

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