My Muse Wants

I was reading an article (don't shoot me, I'm not sure where it was - popped up in my Google+ feed and now I can't find it) about what fuels the Muse.

I did a lot of thinking and sleeping and dreaming about this - when I woke up this evening it was perfectly clear to me.

My Muse wants

  • Chocolate & Coffee & medium rare Ribeye steaks
  • Cuddles & giggles from my Bunny
  • Sleeping late with NightShade
  • Blanket forts & cookies
  • Bento making 
  • iPod playlists
  • Texty conversations that make me laugh out loud (thank you Shining Star)
  • Pretty little birds flocking around the feeders
  • Snuffly snuggles from my sweet Divo
  • Flowers for no reason 
  • Just Because gifts
  • Wasted time well spent
  • Trips to the beach & the mountains & DC & adventure
  • Painted nails & pretty hair
In other words, my Muse needs me to stop and refill as often as needed because I empower her just as much as she empowers me. She needs me to stop putting everyone else first and occasionally put my foot down and say No - I need my me time.

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