Depression Triggers

I do not do not DO NOT understand my triggery things. I can handle a whole crap ton of hard vicious shit being dumped on me all at once, no trigger.

  • Mom's cancer diagnosis - emotions go on the back burner and you push & shove until she has been cleared, surgery has been completed, and she is on her way to 100% better. 
  • Divorce - pack & clean house, find a new place to live, push forward at work and home
  • Dad having prostate problems - I can deal with this shit
  • Work drama and travel and BOREDOM - I love it, come on give me more
  • Friendship disintegration , betrayal, doom - I pass with flying colors.
But you let the "little" things hit and I turn into a basket case.
  • Bunny forgot a date and scheduled a MC meeting that night.
  • An ex calls him
  • My happiness jar gets shattered
  • A painting doesn't get as many comments/likes/etc 
I have spent the past month curled in the fetal position barely able to get out of bed. Why? Because my BF decided to cancel on our date, so he could join a motorcycle club. WTF? 

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