Health & Vitality Ritual

Items Needed:

  • Orange or white candle, 
  • Jasmine or rose petals, 
  • few drops of Essential oils of your choice mixed into carrier oil (depending on the strength you desire), 
  • Bowl of Moon charged water, 
  • a comfortable robe that you can slip out of easily for the skyclad elements of the ritual, 
  • Sea salt, 
  • favorite incense

Welcome the Goddess and thank her for being with you here tonight in this beautiful place. Cast and open a circle if you wish.

Light the candle, dim the lights and relax. Take several deep breaths. Run a bath. Add a teaspoon of the oil - add flower petals - Soak and relax for at least 15 minutes - Visualize how good each part of your body feels in that soft warmth.

Emerge from the bath, gently towel off - Then massage your body from the feet up

As you massage your body, say this to each part of your body as you massage and move up: My feet are healthy, my ankles are healthy, my calves are strong, my thighs are supple etc. Use your own words. The idea here is to infuse positive qualities to each part. If you feel a hesitation somewhere, notice it, but still say something positive.

Slip into your robe or dress comfortably and go somewhere right away to do your spell.

Bring your candle and the bottle with the remaining oil into another room or outside if it is warm enough . Light your candle. Face the moon if you can. Ask that you receive the Goddess. She, who embodies health and vitality, bless you this night/day. Look at the candle or close your eyes and go within. Look back at your life - the riches you have gathered, the journeys you have taken, look to your strengths, look to a time when you felt vital in a positive way. (If you cannot remember a time, that is OK. Just recall another scenario where you felt good about yourself.)

See this and FEEL this time clearly in your mind and body. Feel your personal vitality. Feel it warm you, pulse through you. Notice how you feel and what thoughts enter your mind. If your thoughts or feelings are negative, note this, but decide you will put this aside until a later time.

Now light your incense. Breathe in deeply. As you breathe, you are inhaling even more power from the earth, the trees, the moon, and the sky. The Goddess is still with you and sharing with you her attributes of focus, health, vitality. Accept these gifts in your own body. Allow these energies to begin to mingle - yours and the Goddess. Feel your own strength and that of the Goddess course through you. Now focus on the feeling of that power in your hands.

In a loud, firm voice chant:
"I allow my body to shine
Health & Vitality are mine
My body is a source of Beauty
Blessed Be the Goddess within Me!"

Repeat the chant faster and faster at least three times, feeling your strength, health, vitality, and energy grow.

Release Your Intention - hold your oil bottle and infuse into the oil, that powerful energy of strength and vitality. Never fear, you will not run out of power - you will be channeling it now - keep chanting - shorten the verse if it helps power building.

At the height of your energy hold your oil bottle in your hands and SHOUT:

Offer Your Gratitude - knowing that the Goddess has heard your intention. Thank her. Be grateful in the knowledge that all is as you have asked it to be, if it be Her will and for the greatest good of all.

Know your mind and body are already responding. Close your circle. Extinguish and bury any remaining charcoal or herbs/incense in the garden or yard. Ground yourself by eating or drinking something, exercising, dancing!

You now have highly energized oil. Just take a drop and anoint your heart or even take a quick inhalation, every morning until it runs out. Carry it when you feel the need. Let no one else touch it.

Keep your oil close at hand or even on your desk ready for use.

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