Myrtle Beach Fun Day

Okay, so we got off work this morning and then jumped in the car. Gonna spend the weekend at the beach for the Nephew's birthday. His family been on vacation this whole week but they are wrapping up the weekend at Myrtle Beach, close enough for us make it for the final portion of his trip.

Saw some wondermous sights on the way down - enjoying a beautiful drive with an excellent playlist and my favorite Bunny.
When we first got down to Myrtle Beach, we headed to Broadway at the Beach to do some fun stuff.
First up, Soar & Explore - Bunny Style.
In Line and Waiting for his turn.

While he was in line, they told him he had to empty his pockets, so I got all his pocket stuff (including his wallet) - this picture was after I told him I was going shopping, since I had all the money. LOL.

Going up

And flying across!

Having fun!

Then it was time for lunch - we decided to try something new and OMG I am so glad that we did. This place has the most amazing burgers EBER! You gotta try this place. Oh yeah, if you are into beer there is a microbrewery on site.

While we were sitting down to lunch, we discovered that since our last trip down here, a Hollywood Wax museum & Outbreak has been added to the adventure filled area! So we changed up our plans and headed here instead. Overall this is a wonderful place to visit (but the haunted house was a bit of a let down) Ticket Price for all 3 areas is $25 and you could totally spend 3-4 hours here.

The Entrance

With the lovely Audrey

Crypt Keeper!

Elvira is Bunny's Favorite

Laurell & Hardy

Checking out Pink's butt!

An amazing comedienne - Robin Williams 

Stealing the Idol before Indiana Jones

Going bowling with the Dude

Sitting on a bench talking chocolates

While we didn't actually get to do all 3 locations on Friday because the fam got to the beach earlier than expected, I'm including them here anyway :)
Inside the Mirror Maze

No pics from Dread the Undead.

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