Top 10 Favorite Songs

In no particular order, because that changes daily :)

Kerli's Tea Party is absolutely enchanting to me & it always 
makes me smile - especially Futha Mucka!

A relatively new favorite - RuPaul's Sissy That Walks
reminds me that life IS drag.

This could have been written about me :)
Secrets by Mary Lambert

Vitamin C with Me, Myself & I
I can so totally relate to this song!

Oh the feels this song causes - good, bad, high, low - it can be the full spectrum
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah!

Pharrell's Happy just makes me wanna dance!

I'm not exactly fond of this song, BUT whenever it hits the playlist
my Bunny just brightens - he starts bouncing and singing so that gives
it the reason to be on this list

Anything Lindsey plays is amazing, but this song just grabs my heart and pulls it to the sky.

Ever since the first time I heard this song, it's been the
one song that can literally grab my heart strings and pull!

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