It's Getting Real

Let's take some of the sting out of the negative comments - one at a time. Today, notate what the Inner Critic (aka Meanie Monster) snarks at you and take the sting out (aka Glitter Fairy)

Meanie Monster: you can't do anything right
Glitter Fairy: well if that was true, why does dad always steal your coffee because it's better than his.
Meanie Monster: why do you bother to paint this crap - it's ugly and you don't know what you are doing.
Glitter Fairy: giggle - look how far you've come in less than a year, you are really getting better. In fact, you've had a request for one of your pieces.
Melanie Monster: you are fat and ugly.
Glitter Fairy: I'm working on eating better and you need duct tape on your mouth MM.

I think I need to start using the "Well that just happened" to alert me to the negativity crap that Meanie Monster throws my way.

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