Words of Wisdom

Okay so yesterday we had to list off some of the negative crap crowding our heads. Today, imagine your friend came to you and said those things about herself. What would you tell her?

Wendy Marie Graham - I am literally appalled that you would in anyway shape or form put yourself down in that manor. You are a beautiful full figured goddess with entirely too much snark and glitter in your veins to say those nasty things about yourself. You should be proud of the woman that you are and the life that you lead. You are the epitome of the Evil Queen and need to remember that you have style and class. We need a coffee date and some glitter to fling cause girl you are on a totally erroneous path. I blame the fact that this is your busy season and you are stressed to the max about stupid crap. Take the afternoon off, treat yourself to gentle yoga session in the garden, a long soak in the tub (you might even wanna throw in that bath bomb you've been saving for a rainy day & crack open that bottle of Naughty & Nice), a piece of that yummy chocolate BF just bought you and then finish the night off with a big damned O. You'll thank me in the morning for my honesty.
Lots of love,
Your bestie

(side note - this is exactly how I would phrase this to any of my friends/family)

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