Surprise Birthday Trip!!!

Well I took the week of my birthday off work because well to be honest I don't wanna EVEN think work on my birthday. I had totally planned to stay home and just piddle around, maybe do some art, maybe bug my mom into shopping. 

Then out of no where a trip to the beach became possible. Well since the beach is Bunny's happy place we didn't take long to say HELL YEAH!

So Thursday morning we loaded up the car and headed to the beach for a long weekend. 

NightShade controlling the tunes!

I napped most of the way down to the beach because riding makes me 
sleepy - it has ever since I was a little baby. 
(if I'm driving no big deal, but in the passenger seat FORGET IT)
So the drive down was very uneventful - Bunny doing what Bunny does best.

So we get to the Condo and were blown away!

It's like we hit GOLD in them there beaches!
I can't believe we get to stay in this lovely little apartment for the weekend!

So the next stop on my list of things to do today, was drive to 

If you have not tried their candies yet - you simply have to give them a try. 
They are amazing!!!!

Next up on our list of places to visit:

If you are in the area and an papercraft fan of any type, you really really really 
should check this store out.
Sorry no pictures from here - I was a little overwhelmed by the selection
this wonderful little shop has.
And was extremely busy picking up bits and pieces of art supplies to bring home.

Hopefully I'll get a haul pic up soon, but if not oops. 

Thursday Night Dinner was a Bunny Pick:

See back in June (when Bunny's birthday is) we went to Washington DC with the fam
and then had a hot dog dinner on his Birthday, but WE never
celebrated it, cause he is a meanie head and won't let me pay for DINNER eber!

Well tonight I turned the tables on him - 
forced him to pick a place and then fought him for the check
cause even though this is my birthday trip, he is wif me and I lurves him so.

Bumstead's has some wonderful food and truly epic staff
just don't been thrown by SMOKING in the building
(evidently it's not illegal in South Carolina)

This sign cause much giggles.

Very yummy drink!

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