Lost Girl 30 Day Challenge

Day 01. Favorite season?
Day 02. Favorite female character?
Day 03. Favorite male character?
Day 04. Favorite Fae, singular or species?
Day 05. Favorite episode of season 1?
Day 06. Favorite episode of season 2?
Day 07. Favorite episode of season 3?
Day 08. Favorite episode of season 4?
Day 09. Favorite main character?
Day 10. Favorite recurring character?
Day 11. Favorite guest character?
Day 12. Favorite case Bo took?
Day 13. Favorite Big Bad?
Day 14. A scene/moment that made you angry?
Day 15. A scene/moment that gave you a happy?
Day 16. A scene/moment that made you cry?
Day 17. Your favorite ship?
Day 18. Your least favorite ship?
Day 19. Your favorite quote?
Day 20. Your least favorite character?
Day 21. Your favorite non Lost Girl character any of the main cast played?
Day 22. Your favorite battle scene?
Day 23. The saddest character death?
Day 24. Favorite character death?
Day 25. Favorite bad-guy-turned-good OR good-guy-turned-bad?
Day 26. Something that happened that you wish hadn’t?
Day 27. Something that didn’t happen, but should have?
Day 28. Favorite family members?
Day 29. Favorite friendship?
Day 30. Favorite season finale?
Day 31. Favorite Drinks at The Dal episode?

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