Pagan Pride Raleigh

It's time for on of my FAVORITIST times of the year!!!!!!

I am so excited for this weekend, it is truly one of my abso must go events of the year!
I love seeing all the peoples I haven't seen in forever and learning
new stuffs. But my very favorite thing
IS THE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!! Yes, the shopping!!!!!

Bunny & Me catching kisses in the park

Pan even showed up!

This is a shot of one of the areas where shopping occurs

Lovely little screech owl - he collided with a car and is now a rehab bird

Bunny with his new drinking horn - doesn't he look so happy :)

And this was my crowning piece of the day! 
Bunny bought me a gorgeous leather journal to use as my new Book of Shadows.
It has hand made cotton pages, and embossing on the cover.
I just want to pet it.

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