Today's Adventure

So since the day is dreary and rainy we decided that a movie
marathon was the way to go!

Bunny picked HT2 because he is in love with Mavis

He said he was gonna take my phone away!

So any ways it seems like EVERYONE in town decided to
go to the movies today, so instead
of doing movies 2 & 3 we packed it up
and headed home.

Only to find out that Stoney Point Trail of Terror is gonna be open tonight!!!
Oh yeah, haunting season is ON!!

This picture makes me so very very happy.
We were waiting in line for the trail.

Then Bunny found the Diva Blast and got her (and the dancers)
to take a picture with ME!!! 
He has come a long way in the past couple of years.

My very favorite part of Stoney Point is the Drag Show while waiting
for your turn in the trail.

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