The New Me

I wanna be a Disney Princess.
Now don’t get me wrong I know I’m a real person with real issues, 
which is probably why I'm sitting here alone, in the dark, crying 
again because my heart feels like it is cracking in half.
Why? You ask.

Because this year has been FUCKED UP!

Nothing major’s happened to me or mine, but really truly aren’t those 
the days that just trudge along?
You feel like you are walking miles and miles, making great really 
strides in where you want to be, then you see a sign post revealing 
that you have only gone no where, yet somehow made it to yet another 
stretch of boring repetitiveness with no end to the drudgery in sight.
These are days that I wish I was a Disney Princess.
At least then I would know that in an hour or so all my angst & 
anguish would be cleared up (for good this time).
Then again knowing my luck, I’d end up Giselleish and get sucked into 
the real world wearing a big poofy wedding dress and be all OMG & WTF 
just happened while trying to maintain my waving wings & glitter habit 
in a world that just simply no longer believes in magic or in magical 

What catastrophic event took place you ask?
Well, yeah, the Paris attack, and lots of shootings, and other hate 
and crap, but those events aren’t enough to trigger plummeting to the 
depths of depression and distraction.

Nope, in this case – I’m a human being.

I lost my connection to a few people I had considered to be my very 
closest friends.
And with the New Moon’s darkness highlighting the tangles of 
information are now shining bright and clear.
I know that I need to release the connections that no longer serve me 
or mine and forge an even stronger bond with myself.

For I have been reminded that:
I am a princess who can stand on her on two feet.
I am a warrior that can fight her own battles
I am the Moon capable of great change in a single month.
I am the Witch standing proudly in the fire with my head held high.

I am choosing to push forward with my own health and healing in the 
year to come.

All this and a bag of rice cakes
(hey don’t tell me it’s supposed to be chips, chips taste good and 
this is crappy kinda like rice cakes – so there), while still

I will be the heroine of my own story.
Or at the very least the Villainess.

Yeah she probably has way more fun.

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