When was the last time someone really let you down?

The most recent big hurt is that my family evidently forgot when my birthday is. They've arranged to go on vacation for the week of my birthday. I was not included in the planning of said vacation and it all reality I felt invited as an after thought.

Like my mom just totally said oh yeah we are going to the beach in August with your Aunt & Uncle. I asked when and she tossed out the week of my birthday. And then simply could not understand my disbelief. Like actually asked me, what that face was for.

When I got upset about it (I think justifiably) and tried to walk out of the situation, my dad intervened and held me in the living room so they could tell me how wrong I was to be upset about it.

Yeah, okay, Mother you got pissed when someone suggested that you & grandma or you & Frog share your birthday meal because your dates are so close together. Ranted & raved you deserved your own special day. Pouted for almost 2 weeks, until everyone worked out 3 separate dates/times we could go out to dinner. You can't understand why this was upsetting, really?

And then, to top it all off, no one seems to understand that while I am desperately upset about this, I can still see it in my heart to want to go. If I harden my heart any more - It won't be capable of loving anyone, anymore.

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