Sacred Space

For the first day of birthday month, I am going to be doing some touch ups to my existing sacred space. Perhaps I will be adding some new things. Perhaps removing the old and out dated. I will be cleansing and reblessing all of the individual spaces. 

Oh, you want to know what Sacred Space is? Well, for me, sacred space is what gives me the "permission" to just be, well, myself. Sacred Space can be:
  • The place you go to feel to safe; meditate, relax or journal. 
  • The place you go to move; yoga, dance, sex. 
  • The place you go to when preparing yourself for the day. 
  • The place you go to at the end of the day to unwind.
  • The place you go to when you recharge your body, mind and spirit. 
  • The place you go to lay down and sleep.
  • The place you go to be yourself.
For myself & the Bunny, it's where we reconnect with not only ourselves but each other. Our outdoor Sacred Space is:
  • The place we go at the start of our day to see what's on the agenda. 
  • The place we go at the end of the day to touch base with each other.  
  • The place we go when we have to have hard talks, to vent.
  • The place we go when we need to laugh.
  • The place we go when we work magic.
  • The place we go simply to be us.
Your sacred space may look nothing like my sacred space and that's okay. It is a very personal connection and it should always be true to the one who creates it. It's not meant to be a movie set, never to be lived in or touched. It's certainly not going to look the same for every one even though there may be similarities. It is simply meant to be a place where you can sit and hear nothing but the sound of your breath, the bird song, your loved ones heart beat, or the music you play. Hell, I have multiple versions of sacred space. 
  • Indoors - our bedroom with it's tiny twin bed for two. It's a magical, comfy dark hobbit hole full of pillows and laughter and stuffies and comfort. Our diffuser blowing out Joy or Awaken or Peaceful Sleep or Lime. We enjoy this space in a multitude of ways from sleep to TV viewing and all the steps in between. You can find me curled up here almost always reading and writing and fantasying.
  • Outdoors - our little patio, bordered by rock and fence. Brilliantly crafted Adirondack chairs loving created by Bunny's own hands, full of color and happiness. A fire pit for cooler nights and a lantern for when we are out at night. It's magical views include gnomes and fairies and dragons and trolls and plants of all kinds.
  • Work - my own little portal to the outside world, with it's connection to the internet and work and people and art. It's full of bright happy things that remind me of adventures and joy and love and words. Where the diffuser most often has Stress Away or Focus or Frankincense going. 

For my own personal outdoor space I'm going to follow these steps and you can too!

Step 1: Physically clean the space. For me that includes:
  • Cleaning the patio floor area,
  • Washing the furniture,
  • Throwing out all trash 
  • Ditching everything that no longer serves us,
  • Putting in some new plants,
  • Moving the glide swing,
  • And perhaps repainting the existing furniture. 

Step 2: Spiritually clean the space. I'll be using a combo of sage and cedar smudge stick. This is a beautiful thing, and should be done on a regular basis.

Step 3: Setting the intention for the space. I settle into the space (before I bring all the goodies in) and have a conversation with the space. I let it know what I want from it and what I will be doing in it. Then I ask that the space be blessed by the natural world. 

Step 4: Adding adornments. This is my most favorite part. I get to release my inner little witch and just let her play. Because I am doing the outside space, there's not much adornment to be done, but I may decide to add some outdoor fabrics and maybe pillows and perhaps even set up an altar. But you could bring in almost anything you want. How you design your space is totally up to you. It's your space and your space alone. It should be totally your own personal expression. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so tie up your inner judgmental critic and let your inner light shine! It’s time to awaken your inner witch and get creative. Explore all your choices in colors, textures, art, books, pillows, lighting, flowers, music, incense. Cater to all of your senses in your space. You can create an altar or display of meaningful objects, candles, crystals, pictures, what ever calls to you. When I get to the bedroom, I would take into consideration of what I need that area to support. In our bedroom, it's pitch black because we both work nights and need the space to be as dark as possible so we can sleep during the day, but you could choose to add gauzy curtains and a skylight. And there it is - a sacred space to call your own.

Step 5: Celebrating your sacred space. Settle into your space and relax into it. Perhaps have a glass of wine and relish your new/renewed space. Now, just be, close your eyes, soak in the beauty of the magical place you have created for yourself. 

Foot Note: If the words "sacred space" seems too out there or witchy or woo-woo or twitchy for you, consider calling it your sanctuary, your hobbit hole, your very own private retreat.

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