Patio Refresh

Okay, so the other day I posted about setting up Sacred Space or in my case, refreshing Sacred Space. And I want to show you all what I did. I decided to tackle our outdoor space first as a present to myself for Birthday Month! Total cost of the change was about $30.

Back Note: My wonderful Bunny built me the chairs, table and installed the fence & paver stones for me a while ago. He knows how much an outdoor space means to me, so he totally created this so I could have that space. (The cabinet in the back is my outdoor paint storage)

So we took everything out of the space and then I completely cleaned & cleansed the space while the Bunny was painting the chairs & the fence. The whole time spent on the project was about 4.5 hours and that includes going to get the paint.

I love signage all around my space, so Bunny put together a blank sign from pallet wood then I hand lettered the "Magic Happens Here". This made me incredibly happy. 

This was a redo of a faded sign from an earlier patio evolution. The words & flower had faded entirely, so I decided to repurpose it with one of my favorite sayings.

Once again a remnant of an older patio incarnation that had faded into nothingness. The fairies were a present last year from my Aunt (I share her birthday)

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