International Folk Festival aka International Food Festival

So our charming little city hosts a parade and festival
to celebrate all the different cultures residing here every year.
And this year was the 38th annual event.

We were not about to miss it.
So we gots up super early on Saturday morning
to get all ready for the big event!

The streets were looking abandoned when we got there, but that will soon change.
I'm pretty sure that almost everyone comes to the this event!

Goofing off while waiting for things to start!

See the crowds are rolling in now

And the bandstand fills up!

The parade starts!
If you wanna see pics of almost all of the groups you can go check out my
2016 album on Facebook.

So after the parade, we made our way to festival park so we could 
sample some of the goodies from all the vendors. 
Sorry no pictures, but I had my hands full of all kinds of yummy food. 
At the Vietnamese booth we tried Beef Seven Ways and had pineapple on a stick. 
At the German booth - Black Forest Cake. 
From Jamaica it was Sorrell. 
A Peruvian empanada. 
Native American Fry Bread. 
A lamb gyro from the Greek booth. 
And lots of other little samples of cultural delicacies. 
 So much fun was had by the both of us and so much food was consumed. 
It was a truly magical day (even if I did get sunburnt).

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