Storm Damage

So Fayetteville had one hell of a storm today!
High winds and a fuck ton of rain.
While out at our house the majority of the damage was minimal.

We did lose a shade tree over the patio.
I'm not that worried about it, cause I really wanna build one of those
fairy houses out of a tree stump, 
now I have one.

My sexy BF after coming back in from looking at storm damage.

But Downtown Fayetteville was hit pretty hard.

This is one of the roads to festival park
you've totally seen pics of this area before, just not with all
the water!

Just one of the many areas that are completely under water!

This is the little park that I've shown you before.

This is actually the parking lot we park in when we head to any of the festivals!

This is the area we stop to "Take a Selfie" before heading up
to the events.

Usually the water is between 5-6 feet below the bridge.

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