My Goals for October

So I'm trying something a little new - I'm gonna set up a goals list (both here & in my BuJo) and see exactly how many of them I can knock off the list each month - wish me luck!

  • Clean & Cleanse Magic Lamp
  • Set up altar
  • Decorate the Magic Lamp (outdoors)
  • Visit 5 Haunted Houses (total has totally changed due to Hurrican Matthew flooding NC)
  • Watch my Halloween movie list
  • Go to a pumpkin patch
  • Make my way out of a corn maze
  • Get my butt back to working out 5 nights a week (just modify those surrenders bitch)
  • Drink more water
  • Dye my hair deep chocolate red
  • Wear at least one real outfit a week - with make up & hair done!
  • Continue a post per day here
  • Manage to work in my BuJo every day
  • Get back to my pamper days - I miss thems so very much (aka every Friday do a pamper activity or more)
  • Deep clean and redecorate bedroom 
  • Deep clean bathroom
  • Deep clean top rack
  • Buy paint boxes
  • Reorganize paints in new boxes
  • Buy wine rack
  • Set up markers/pencils in wine rack

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