Zombie Walk Madness

Ok, so Fayetteville has these fourth friday events 
and in the month of October that means 


So freaking exciting, right?
Well every year we are home for this event I kill my Bunny and bring him back as a zombie!
And this year was abso no different.

So I have to give myself a few props & snaps this year
I was able to create my very own prosthetic for the scars on the Bunny's face. 

But this year I got to dead out a few other people too!

The Bunny & I ended up downtown ahead of the rest of the gang cause we be impatient like that.
aka we didn't want to wait any more!

So on our way from the parking deck to the main street we got waylaid at a tattoo joint
because the proprietor's nephew wanted a pic of him in all his glory.

Then we finally made it around to my favorite place to take pictures of him.
Every year - I kill him, bring him back as a zombie, and then throw him in jail - lol.
It's like tradition with us. 

Doesn't he just look abso demonically dead?

I adore the fact that our little town has these amazingly freakish festivals.
And I love it even more that my Bunny is all down to go play downtown!

This is just a small sample of the turn out!

Some people go all out on their costumes (evi Bunny wants to be one of those next year)

So my masterpiece (the Bunny) was selected for the first round of the costume contest
the judge that picked him said it was uber creative!
I mean come on, I'm not a make up artist by no means, but evidently I did a good job.
Unfortunately, he didn't make it into the next round
but hey, 1st round is pretty dang good.

I thought it would be pretty funny to get a shot of him under the big tires of a jeep,
so I had him go ask the guys hanging about if they minded
and since they didn't I got him in the position I wanted.
Before I could even snap off a pic - there were about 20 people taking his picture.

After Guy saw the response, he decided to get in on the action!
Grabbed an ax and proceed to ham for the camera!

Loads more pictures were taken.

I'm pretty sure that Bunny's picture was taken more last night than ever before,
but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

My phone died so I don't really have any more pictures.

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