Day 7: Five facts about me (or maybe more) & a crappy selfie

1) I am a passionate reader - often times going through a book or three a day and totally living in a fantasy world. I will read practically anything and everything. I *don't* have a favorite genre. My tastes range from YA to SciFi to Fantasy to Mystery to Autobiographies to History to the label on the soup can - whatever I can get my hands on. I'm devastated that my library was decimated after years in storage while I lived in the Magic Lamp.

2) I've been at the same job for 17 years and started working from home 6 years ago. I love/loathe working from home, I really do. I used to do all kinds of amazing adventures when I got off work at 9am - living life loudly & to the fullest extent, and now I don't go/do anything after work - probably cause I'm already at home & in my jammies (which introvert me adores). Not to mention not having a car makes it kinda difficult to go anywhere.

3) I am not a happy to wake up (aka morning) person - it takes 3 snoozes & 2 cups of coffee before I'm even ready to say more than "huh" to the BF or doggo or Ebil Minion. I say wake up because my days & nights are backwards as I work 3rd shift. And on that note, I adore coffee (some would say addicted) - it is magical bean juice and it sets my soul to singing some days.

4) I have bipolar disorder and have been on an doctor supported unmedicated regime most of my life (I tried - mutliple types of prescriptions just didn't work for me, some even made me worse). What has been working for me: meditation, lists, witchy things, CBD oil, yoga, clean eating aka minimal carbs, a set sleep schedule, and water - drinking, soaking (my favoritist thing to do) or shower - you get the picture right?

5) I'm a flighty witchy wild child just enjoying my own life's journey. Dancing to the beat of the drums in my head, searching for a style that defines me. I stand up for what I believe in. I am growing spiritually. I love glitter! I'm a flirt. I am a collector of memories and curator of adventures. I am me - like it or lump it.

Have a great day! 

Day 6: Spacious

Day 5: Crush

I'm participating in the August Break - A Month of Mindfulness 

Day Tripping

I found out about a Japanese Festival for Bon Odori in Raleigh through Facebook events and since I know that one of the kids in my life is in love with Asian culture we perminapped her & one of her sisters to head to Raleigh for the day. It was an amazing trip.

On the way, I saw this sign on I95 North and it was like a sign or omen. I missed taking a picture of the "Be true to yourself" one, but I did nail this one.
When we got to the Festival, we checked out a bunch of the food booths and found a Matcha Tea Ceremony.

James & Mia after the ceremony. Neither one of them particularly cared for the tea or cracker, but they enjoyed the experience.

Mia made a wish on the Wishing Tree

Just a shot of the crowd.

We realized that the majority of the available options were mostly food (and the girls didn't really wanna eat), so we took off for round 2 of fun.

James, Mia & Gabby checking out an exhibit.  

All was not fun & games on the way home however, as James got a ticket. But when we dropped off the girls we got an invite to dinner (aka Valentina's Fiesta) and that was amazing!

Day 4: Bookshelf

I'm participating in the August Break - A Month of Mindfulness 

I'm A Winner Baby

Okay, so I posted this pic on my Fourth Friday entry, because
like hey I took a pic with gnome Finn!!!

Then on Tuesday I was notified that I won a prize
from the hosts of the event!!


So after work on Friday morning I drove down to Cool Springs Business District
to pick up my prize package.

And while I was downtown I took the time to head over to
Rude Awakenings for coffee & cake to celebrate.

FYI, this is the bestest chocolate cake EBER!

The cake & coffee was my present to myself for Birthday Month!

Day 3: Skin

I'm participating in the August Break - A Month of Mindfulness