Witch's Bottle

Time: Waxing Moon to Full Moon
Hour: Mars (see Table of Planetary Hours)

Items Needed:
glass jar
broken glass pieces, nails, pins, broken pieces of mirrors, razor blade
red taper candle
High John the Conqueror oil
working candle

Take your ritual bath.

Light the red candle with your working candle.

Place the broken glass, mirror pieces, nails, and pins into the glass bottle, saying:

Oh spirit of iron,
Spirit of metal,
Ground out any negativity directed to me,
And return it to the sender times three.

You must add to this bottle your personal body fluids (such as spit or urine), and also some of your hair or nail clippings. Add some of the High John oil as well, and be sure to dab some of the oil on your wrists also. When you are done adding what you needed to, seal the jar's lid with a layer of wax using the red candle. This is known as a witch's bottle.

You will need to bury it where no one will find it, by your front door. Be sure to bury it during the Dark Moon. Remember where you buried it. Whenever you move, take it with you and bury it at your new home. It will direct all negative energy sent your way away from you, and bring you peace of mind knowing it is there.

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