Direction - East
Gender - Male
Energy - Projective, pro-active
Qualities - hot and moist, light and active
Color - yellow
Power of the Sphinx - to know
Season - Spring
Hour of day - dawn
Time of life - birth/infancy/childhood
Celtic name - airt
Magickal tool - some say athame, some say wand; incense
Point on the Pentagram - Upper left
Types of magick - Recovering lost or stolen items, the four winds, visualization, concentration, education, travel, investigations, beginnings, feather magick
Animals - eagle, human
Alchemical symbol - Right side up triangle with a line through the middle
Elemental - Sylphs
Nature - sky, wind, clouds, flowers
Reflections in humanity - the superconscious, knowledge, instruction, school, freedom, travel
Parts of the body - chest, lungs (breath), throat (speech), the brain
Human senses - hear, smell
Goddess Aspect - Maiden
Keys - Life Principle, Intellect
Rules - mind, essential qualities, knowledge, abstract learning, theories, illumination, perception, analytic thought, communication, memory.
Virtues - gregarious, diligent, optimistic, dexterity, persuasive, friendly, healthy, knowledgeable, communicative, intelligent
Vices - frivolity, absent mindedness, rootless, easily distracted, tends to intellectualize emotions (rather than experience them), gossipy, boastful, untruthful, selfish, fickle
Shortage - mind blank, shortness of breath, non-comprehension of known data, muddy thinking; one who has difficulty transmitting thoughts and ideas
Excess - chatterbox, one who tends to intellectualize too much
Stage in the cycle of creation - the conception or perception of a new idea, the seed of knowledge, and the freedom to choose which direction to move.
Emotions - daydreaming; intense concentration on a difficult problem; an abstract appreciation of mathematical elegance, artistic skill, or superior craftsmanship; a sense of distance and detachment.

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