Direction - south
Gender - male
Energy - projective, pro-active
Qualities - hot and dry, light and active
Colors - red, orange
Magickal phrase - to will
Point of pentagram - Lower right
Season - summer
Hour of day - Noon
Time of life - young adulthood
Celtic name - deas
Magickal tools - some say wand, some say athame; lamp, scourge
Type of magick - sex, healing, candle magick, force, energy, life, will, destruction, purification, change
Animals - lion, serpent, dragon
Alchemical symbol - right side up triangle
Elemental spirit - salamanders
Nature - fire, sun, stars, volcanoes
Part of body - heart, spine
Human senses - sight
Keys - Light Principle, Action
Reflections in humanity - the life forces, sexual energy, will, Passion
Virtues - courageous, self-assertive, chivalrous, enthusiastic, passionate, experienced, virile, energetic, daring, faithful
Vices - self-centered, ruthless, fanaticism, vindictiveness, anger, hatred, stubborn, greed, jealous, vengeful, resentful, egotistical
Excess - hot, hyper, flitting thoughts, insomnia, anger, dominating, egotistic, violent
Shortage - body heavy or chilled, unenthusiastic, feeling inferior or apathetic, lack of energy
Goddess Aspect - Temptress
Stage in the cycle of creation - the desire or Will to manifest the idea, the driving life force, the principle of change and transformation.
Emotions - intense and urgent, but usually passing quickly: desire, anger, joy, panic. Without Fire to prod the other elements along, the world would likely settle into a rather uninteresting fixed state.

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