Circle of Love

"I conjure thee O circle of love so that you will be for me a boundary between all negativity and all that is dear to me. A safe place of perfect love, trust , peace and joy, containing those I wish to love herein. I call upon the angelic beings of the east, south, west and north to aid me in the construction and in its magickal purpose. In the name of Aphrodite goddess of love and her consort cupid, thus do I conjure thee O circle of love. This circle is sealed."

"I thank you loving goddess Aphrodite, and your consort cupid for hearing my prayers. I thank the protectors of the north, west, south and east for your help in the construction of this circle of love. Thank you all for aiding me in its magickal purpose. I now release the energy and love raised here in this circle out into the universe. I know the universe in its infinite wisdom will provide for me. This circle is open never broken. So mote it be."

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