Dream Work

Dream work is such fun to do, it seems like it shouldn't be as valuable a practice as it is! When you play with dream analysis, you . . .

-learn about yourself,
-receive guidance from the Divine, and
-learn to understand the magickal language of symbols.

All important skills for a Wiccan, or any spiritual seeker. And because of the whimsical nature of dreams, it can be as interesting as it is gratifying.

So how do you do dream work? You begin by remembering your dreams...

Do you remember your dreams every night?

Some people think that since they don't remember dreaming, they haven't been dreaming. If you are a functional person, then you can bet you dream. The human brain does not function without dreams. After only a few days, we begin to lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality. So if you're not hallucinating, can still concentrate and make decisions, you've been dreaming.

Remembering Your Dreams on the Other hand - that can be tricky. To do dream work, of course, you need to not only dream, but know what you dreamt. Luckily, the Divine, or your Higher Self, or your dream self - whoever's in charge of these things - has been waiting for you to start paying attention. They want to communicate with you! And they are more than happy to cooperate with you. So, all you have to do is - Ask.
Ask for a dream. Ask to remember it.

When you go to bed at night, as you're falling asleep, ask to remember a dream.
But then you have to be prepared to take the next step. So you ask, and you receive dreams to work with. If you don't work with them, you are disrespecting the gift.
Take a journal and pen to bed with you. If you have a bed-mate, make arrangements about a light. Do what you need to. But when you wake up with a dream, you'd do well to work with it. Pay attention. Act on it. And offer thanks for the gift.

Doing this is the best way to ensure that you will receive dreams in the future.

-You can also ask for dreams on specific issues.
-You can ask for dreams that will be clear and easy to interpret.
-And if you get too many dreams, you can ask for help with that too!

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