Fairy Quarter Call

Children of Air, Fairies all
Hearken to this midday call
Bring winds of freshness, breezy beauty
Dreams of hope, and love of duty
Bring breath of magic, sighs of spring
Let our lives with music sing

Children of South, Fairies all
Hearken to this midday call
Bring kisses of passion, lovers embrace
Flames of laughter and sacred space
Bring sparks of magic to enflame
Let us all be glad we came

Children of Water, Fairies all
Hearken to this midday call
Bring mists of insight, loving touch
Flows of emotion we miss so much
Let us quench our thirst

Children of Earth, Fairies all
Hearken to this midday call
Bring loam of growth, terra firma
Fertile thoughts, and gifted perma
Bring roots of magic to keep us grounded
Let us strive to be well rounded

Divas of Spirit, Fairies all
Hearken to this midday call
With the glimmer of wishes and light of hope
Luminescence magic help us cope
The Lord and Lady we do invite
Come to us for our midday rite

Thank You
Spirits of Diva, Spirits of power
Thank you for joining us this hour
As you return to your place in the light
Bless us and keep us every night

Spirits of Earth, Fairies of sand
Thank you for lending a helping hand
As you go off to your home in the mound
We’ll always know that you are around

Spirits of Water, Fairies of Dew,
Thank you for making our dreams come true
Away to your home in the sea
We’ll always remember the magic is me

Spirits of Flame, Fairies of Fire,
Thank you for our deepest desire
When you go home to your place in my heart
Remember always, merry meet and merry part.

Spirits of Air, Fairies of Fun,
Thank you for all you have done.
Don’t be so quick to fly into the wind
The magic can wait til then to begin.

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