In Memory Of...

This is a ritual to honour the life of someone who has moved on into the next realm. It also helps those left behind to cope with their loss.

Have everyone write on a black piece of paper with silver pen a favourite memory of the person.

Have them place three pinches of crushed almond (to honour Hecate Goddess of the Underworld) in the center of the paper, fold and tie with a red ribbon.

Everyone then gather by the ocean or a lake - basically a large body of water to help everyone work through their emotions. Light a good size bonfire and have everyone stand around it in a circle.

The person who is leading the ritual throws handfuls of patchouli and myrrh on the fire and dedicates the ritual by saying: "(Name) tonight we gather to share in love the sweet memory of your life and the eternity of your spirit".

Each person then recites what is written on their pieces of paper before throwing them in the fire.

All join hands and repeat as one: "Farewell dear friend, until we share, in another realm, our time again. Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again."

Then pass a loving cup filled with your loved departed one's favourite drink. When everyone has sipped from the same cup pour a little on the fire and then toast them.

Put the fire out and perhaps all go out together and share happy memories of your friend or family member.

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