Solitary Esbat

Cast the circle.

Acknowledge the specific energies of that month's moon.

"Wondrous Lady of the Moon
You who greets the dusk with silvered kisses;
Mistress of the night and of magick,
Who rides the clouds in blackened skies
And spills light upon the cold Earth;
O Lunar Goddess, crescented One,
Shadow maker and shadow breaker;
Revealer of mysteries past and present;
Puller of seas and ruler of women;
All-wise Lunar Mother,
I greet Your celestial jewel
At the fullness of its powers.

Ring bell three times.

Anoint respective areas.

"Blessed be my feet, that have brought me to these ways.
Blessed be my knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
Blessed be my womb, without which we would not be.
Blessed be my breasts, formed in beauty.
Blessed be my lips, that shall utter the sacred names."

"Open for me the inner way
The pathway of intelligence
Between the gates of night and day
Beyond the bounds of sense and time.
I call upon You, Oh might mother of us all,
Bringer of all fruitfulness:
By seed and root, by bud and stem,
By leaf and flower and fruit
By life and love do I call You
Descend to aid me."

Charge of the Goddess:

"Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month,
And better it be when the moon is full,
Then you shall assemble in some secret place
And adore the spirit of Me, who am Queen of all Witches.
There you shall assemble, who are ready to learn sorcery,
Yet have not won its deepest secrets,
To these I will teach things that are yet unknown.
And you shall be free from slavery,
And as a sign that you are truly free, you shall be naked in your rites.
And you shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love,
All in My praise.
For Mine is the ecstasy of the spirit, and Mine is also joy on Earth,
For My law is love unto all beings.
Keep pure your highest ideals; strive ever towards them,
Let naught stop you or turn you aside.
For Mine is the secret door that opens upon the land of youth
And Mine is the cup of the wine of life and the cauldron of rebirth.
I am the gracious Goddess who gives the gift of joy to the hearts of all.
Upon Earth, I give knowledge of the spirit eternal,
And beyond death I give peace and freedom.
Nor do I demand sacrifice; for behold, I am the mother of all things,
And My love is poured out upon the Earth.
I, who am the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars,
And the mystery of the waters, and the desire of the heart,
I call unto your soul to arise and come to me.
For I am the soul of nature who gives life to the universe.
From Me all things proceed and unto Me all things must return;
Let your innermost divine self be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite.
Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices;
For behold, all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.
Therefore, let there be strength and beauty,
Power and compassion, honor and humility,
Mirth and reverence within you.
And you who think to seek for me, know that your seeking and yearning
Shall not avail you unless you know the mystery -
That if that which you seek you do not find within yourself,
You will never find it without.
For behold, I have been with you from the beginning
And I am that which is attained at the end of desire."


Cakes and ale.

Close the circle.

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