Levels Of Initiation

In most formal organizations, especially in Gardner and Alexandria traditions, an initiation is based on levels of knowledge and experience. Advancement through the levels (or degrees) is a progression of study, performance of knowledge and acknowledgement of wisdom and experience. There are varying practices for the levels of initiation.

In Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions, there are some differences to the varying levels or degrees of initiation. However the basics are very similar.
A First degree initiate is blindfolded and bound with cords outside the magic circle. They are challenged as to their courage to enter. The respondent typically replies "with perfect love and perfect trust" to suffer to be purified and to learn. The initiate is then guided into the circle. Once there, they are take an oath, are anointed, presented with their first magikal tools and the initiate adopts a craft name.

A second degree initiation begins the same way, only this time inside the circle. The initiate renews their oath to suffer, to learn and to be purified. A ritual scourging is conducted and the initiate assumes a new craft name and is willed the magikal "power" of the initiator.

The third degree initiation is performed through the Great Rite ceremony. This is a consummation of the magikal knowledge of the coven. An initiate may take on a new craft name to signify their status as a Priest or Priestess.
All initiations conclude with a celebration of food and drink.

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